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Are you a sunglasses man? Get ideas....


Dressing up for a classic or casual look doesn't have to be hard.....get ideas....


When you go for a swim, which one would you pick.....


The suits look great on them, add a few more items such as watch, a pair of sunglasses, open buttons to spice up your suit...

Loving Daniel Craig look....

David Beckham


Two buttons black suit

Black business suit

Two buttons slim fit suit


So when it comes to developing your wardrobe, it’s not only the latest trends and styles that you should be thinking about just like women, men need to consider their body types as well.

When considering typical body shapes, men will often fall into one of these five categories: trapezoid, inverted triangle, rectangle, triangle or oval.
If you can recognise and accept exactly what type of body shape you are, it will become much easier to identify whether an item of clothing has a positive or negative impact on your appearance – particularly if you understand the reasons why it has that impact. 
This article brings you introductory guide to the five body shapes identified above, along with some basic dos and don’ts for each…
Trapezoid Body Shape  
Those with a trapezoid body shape, have broad shoulders and chest with relatively narrow waist and hips.
There is a balance for upper and lower body,this means this shape is far simpler to dress than others. In general, most styles and fits will suit this shape because it is well proportioned.
You can easily incorporate new trends, cuts and colours into your wardrobe, with little concern. 
Obviously you will tend to steer towards that which you feel comfortable in, and that is important, but you should also realise this shape’s potential for experimentation. Why not try bolder prints and colours that make more of a statement? 
Inverted Triangle Body ShapeSingle Breasted Suit
Inverted triangle is similar to a trapezoid body shape, you will also have broad shoulders and chest, however, your hips and waist are narrower.
The upper torso is much wider than your lower torso and, subsequently, the lower half of the body. This body shape is particularly common for those with athletic frames and can also be sculpted through regular weight lifting/body building.
When dressing for this body type the imbalance between top and bottom is something you should pay special attention to.
  • Consider detailing around the hips with the use of belts or pockets. This will help to break up an outfit whilst drawing attention to this area.
  • Wear striped tees, which are both classic in style and ideal for men of this shape – particularly if the stripes are focused across the stomach rather than on the chest.
  • Opt for v-neck knits/tees as they will narrow the chest and draw the eye down.
  • Use graphic prints and logos to create a central point of focus that will reduce attention to the upper chest.
  • Try straight or more relaxed slim cuts (rather than too slim/skinny) for leg wear as they will help balance your proportions and broad shoulders.
  • Try unstructured double-breasted jackets as they will help widen the torso without adding width to the shoulders or upper chest.
  • Try statement or on trend printed/patterned leg wear in order to draw the eyeline down.
  • Wear structured jackets with shoulder padding or wide lapels. This will only emphasize the widest area.
  • Consider tops with wide scoop necklines. Again, this will only appear to widen that area.
  • Wear three quarter length sleeves that will broaden the appearance of your chest. Try to stick with shorter sleeves for anything but formal shirts.
  • Opt for skinny leg cuts as they will make the top half of your body appear even wider – throwing out your proportions further.
  • Gravitate towards shoulder detailing/prints/colour-blocking. Pieces that incorporate such detailing will only draw the eyes to that area.
He'll look great in:
* Italian cut suits which are sharp and tailored
* Ties with angular patterns, plain or woven silk
* Double breasted jackets with wider lapels
* Flat-fronted trousers
* Tops ranging from polo shirts, roll necks to V necks; stripes are great
He should avoid:
* American style deconstructed suits
* Baggy T-shirts and big jackets
* Heavy-knit sweaters 
* Floral patterns


Rectangle Body Shape

Men with this body shape have shoulders that are the same width as their waist and hips.
When dressing a rectangle the aim would be to widen the shoulders whilst making the lower torso appear narrower.
Although you are unable to physically alter the shape, wearing certain styles and cuts can work to give the illusion of a different one.
  • Wear structured blazers and jackets that appear padded in the shoulders yet narrow down from the underarm. 
  • Utilize prints and patterns accordingly – intelligently placed colour-blocks and prints can be effective at emphasizing the upper section of your body.
  • Wear double-breasted pieces as these will only strengthen the rectangular shape and you will look bulky at the top 
  • Wear prints that mimic and emphasize your rectangular shape – for example, photographic tees or large geometric.
  • Wear sleeveless pieces – unless layered effectively.
  • Use bright primary block-colours on the torso unless print, detailing or an appropriate neckline is utilised.


Get ideas....


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Unlike women, men do not enjoy much variety, when it comes to their wardrobe items. Though they have a choice between different colors, style and fabrics, they do not have much to experiment with.  The same can be said for pants/trousers, which forms an integral part of any man's wardrobe. In effect, while buying men's trousers, one should be very careful about a number of things in order to make the right pick.

 Here are the tips from my experience as a customer advisor on men's wear (Thank you River Island, Birmingham :))

  • Quality finish and stitching. While making your pick check if the seams are neat, even and straight. Moreover, the stitching should be evenly placed. If possible ask for trousers that use cotton threads for stitching. Also check for pockets, which should be neatly aligned on both sides with no wrinkles appearing at any of the trousers' seams, either at pocket joints, side seams, in the back or in the crotch.

  • Make sure the fabric and style suits you perfectly. For warm areas and climate, choose cottons and wrinkle free fabrics. For cooler areas and climates, select a warmer wool blend. Besides, style is a personal characteristic, which defines one's comfort and sense of fashion. In case you are skeptical about a radical new style, wait for few months before trying it out. Not every style and fashion suits everyone, know yours. If not ask a friend for suggestions.

  • Remember, pleats and flat fronts are the two main style elements in men's trousers. While choosing amongst the two, keep in mind that pleats are considered more formal than flat fronts and are usually better suited for office and formal wear. Moreover, flat fronts go well with side pockets rather than horizontal front pockets.

  • Colour is also a deciding factor as it defines the occasion, for which the trousers would be appropriate. Grays, blues and black colors are best suited for formal occasions. Browns and other such shades can come next in preference. On the contrary, lighter colors are best suited for informal casual wear and beachwear.

  • Texture also says a lot about the overall look of the trousers. Rough textures are generally considered more informal while smooth finished textures appeal more for formal occasions. You can even opt for a style - texture - color combination for yourself to define your personality.

  • While buying men's trousers off the rack make sure you try different pairs from the same manufacturer as each differs in standards for fit and style.


Pleated Trousers
Trousers with front pleats can be worn on all occasions, from job interviews to evening hang outs with friends. They are popular among men of all ages for their sophisticated and classic looks

Flat Front Trousers
If you prefer a modern style, go for a nice pair of smart flat front trousers. These trousers looks best on men with slim body. While shopping for flat front pants, look for the perfect fit, otherwise it can be a ruin.


Casual Trousers
Like women, jeans and denims are the most popular casual trousers among men. To add to that you can have chinos or khakis are also very popular as casual wear among men. These pants are made from twill fabric and come in two varieties – straight dress chinos and boot cut chinos. The comfortable fit of chinos makes it a perfect wear for any occasion.

Cargo Trousers
For men who are into a lot of outdoor activities there could be nothing better than possessing a pair of cargo trousers. These trousers are baggy with additional patch pockets. Cargo pants are made from hardwearing fabrics with tough stitching allowing free movements

Every man is different. Your size, posture, figure, and the shape of your body all change the way your trousers fits.


"Nice & Romantic"
This is sooo sweet, no woman will frown on this....she will forever love you......


Appreciate/Keep a woman that has your back, support your dreams, Loves you through your imperfection, & Loves you as much as she Loves herself. #Settling For Anything Less Is Uncivilized


Everything looks better with age. Except for white T-shirts. Those look best new.

 Never wear more than two denim items at a time. Scratch that: Never wear more than one denim item at a time, and make sure it's not a vest.
The best jeans have five pockets. The best khakis have four. Anything more or less and you're asking for trouble.
  • Even casual style demands good shoes. But not all shoes are equally casual
  • Unless you're wearing a blazer/coat, there's no wrong time to roll up your sleeves. How high you choose to roll them says a lot about you.
  • Sunglasses don't belong on top of your head, folded into the neck of your shirt, or hanging around your neck by some nylon cord. If you have to remove them, hold them or put them on a table.
  •  The shinier the shine or the pointier the point, the less casual the shoe.
  •  Unless you're wading into water or modeling for a catalog, there's never a right time to roll up your pants
  •  A man of style never discusses the cost of his clothing.......and NOT to a woman ofcourse....


Understand the guidelines to wearing jewelry so you can better control the signals you send. Because these tiny pieces of metal and stone can have a big effect on the opinions of people we’re trying to work with or get to know, you want to make sure you’re sending the right visual message

Rules for Men When Wearing Jewelry

1. Keep It Simple

When in doubt, keep it simple. Start with a classic leather-strapped silver watch; if you regularly wear a watch and can afford it, consider a sportier diving watch with a stainless steel band as well. Next branch out to tie accessories and cufflinks.
Once you’re comfortable wearing these generally accepted pieces, then you can start to introduce other jewelry pieces like necklaces if you choose.

2. Match Metals
Most men’s jewelry is metallic. Gold and silver tones are the most common. Your outfits should only feature one metal tone at a time. No mixing please......its tacky.....

  • Gold is a warmer color it goes well with browns and other dark colours.
  • Silver and silver-tone metals like polished stainless steel or chrome are neutral. They don’t clash too sharply with anything, but also don’t provide the same eye-catching contrasts that well-worn gold can. Pair silver jewelry with black or dark gray clothing for a sleek, timeless look, or you can wear it with lighter colors in the summer without the fear of it overwhelming your clothing’s soft colors.
  • Copper and bronze are orange-hued metals and should be treated as such. They’re bolder than gold or silver and need to be worn with restraint.  Can be worn to a plain trouser and shirt to warm it up.
  • Precious stones such as diamond and the like need to be kept to a minimum. They’re like purses–no matter how egalitarian you want to get about it, they’re still feminine to most. A single color of stone on a ring or a single colored ear stud is the max. Anything beyond that is either flaunting your wealth in an obnoxious way or just plain yuck.
  • Leather is touchy for anyone who isn’t in high school or a rebel. If you’re going to wear it, make sure it’s in natural earth-tones, not dyed black, and never with ostentatious metal studs. Unless you ride a motorcycle, and even then, only when you’re actually riding the motorcycle.
  • Wood and bone are starting to show up more and more in men’s jewelry, often in reference to various ethnic traditions. They’re usually on the paler end of the earth tones–take them case by case, and just be sure that you’re not wearing the jewelry right up against something that’s similar in color but not an exact match. If you’re going to wear an unusual material like that, it needs to stand out a bit to really work.

3. Jewelry and Dress Codes
In the business world, company dress codes can severely restrict male jewelry. Often phrased in a politically correct tone such as, “Men should only wear tasteful pieces of jewelry,” you’ll find in practice that this means not rocking the boat and conforming to the status quo.

Businesses that request “modest” or “tasteful” or “appropriate” jewelry, or other words along those lines, prefer things be limited to the traditional “masculine” styles of jewelry. This includes tie accents, watches, cuff-links, wedding bands, and lapel pins. Over the last decade most companies have expanded this to include bracelets, earrings, and ethnic jewelry as well.

If your goal is to appear well-dressed and trustworthy to most, look to stay within the bounds of accepted male styles.

Types of Male Jewelry

  • Wedding bands and rings – A common piece of jewelry for over half a century, wedding rings are normally made from gold, silver, and platinum and are simple in design.
  • A man can always wear his wedding band; if it doesn’t go with your other metal pieces, don’t sweat it. It’ll just draw a bit of attention, and there’s nothing wrong with having people notice the visible symbol of your commitment.

How many rings can a man wear? As many as he can confidently pull off. 

  • Watches – A functional piece of jewelry, watches are as safe as wedding rings and acceptable to wear in all circumstances except black tie events (although this is an old rule followed by few). In general the simpler the watch, the dressier it is. A plain black leather strap and simple silver timepiece with Arabic or Roman numerals is versatile and classic. Metal watches are fine for suits and sport jackets, while cloth bands and plastic watches should be reserved for casual wear.

  • Blazer Buttons – When a man buys a blazer it normally comes with simple brass buttons. He then has the option to upgrade them to gold or silver buttons of their choice and taste.

  • Cufflinks & shirt studs – Cufflinks and shirt studs are functional jewelry pieces that hold the cuffs  and front of a dress shirt in place, normally where buttons would have been. Shirt studs are most commonly associated with black tie attire, while cufflinks only require French or double cuffs. Metallic cufflinks made from precious metals in simple designs are the most formal, while any cufflink using a novelty design is more for fun around the office. Silk knots are a simple alternative to metals, and are a favorite with younger men.
  • Tie accents – a tie accent serves the practical purpose of keeping your tie in place. This is commonly accomplished in three ways: with a tie pin, a tie bar, or a tie chain. Tie bars are simple strips of gold, silver, or other metal that clip onto the tie horizontally and hold it in place using the shirt as the anchor. Tie chains serve the same purpose as the tie clip but remain unseen, while the tie tack accent is best avoided as it sticks a pin through the tie.

  • Belt Buckles – In the American West, trophy belt buckles have been around since the 1920s, handed out to rodeo and other contest winners. Not practical for normal work wear (although some wear them when dressing up and work!)  As for western buckles in general–wear them if they fit your personality and meet your needs.

  • Bracelets – Decorative, functional, cause-related, and medical alert. A man should be very careful with decorative bracelets; cause bracelets are another story.
  • Necklaces – Decorative, functional, medical, or religious.Necklaces are an easy piece of jewelry to wear because they can be hidden under the clothing. As for length and number to be worn–less is more. Two is about the most recommended. For length, at least six to eight inches above your navel is a good standard.

  • Earrings – The most accepted piercing for men. They have gained wider appeal over the last few years and nowadays do not garner much interest in large cities, although in smaller communities and conservative businesses they are still frowned upon by many. Ear piercings’ main advantage is that the earring can be easily removed if required for work.

  • Other Piercings – Nose, brow, and other. Facial piercing and the jewelry associated with it have not reached mainstream acceptance.If you have to wear them keep them to a minimum and wear them appropriately.


Why Socks?

Socks ni mojawapo ya items ambayo wengi huwa hawaitilii maanani mpaka atakapohitaji kuzivaa tena zinavuliwa zasokomezwa kwenye viatu na kurudiwa kesho tena akiwa anatoka. Wengi wakivua viatu hiyo harufu inayofuatia ni balaaa waweza ua mbu walio maeneo ya karibu.

Socks zina umuhimu mnooo sababu zinasaidia kuvaa viatu na kuwa comfortable zaidi, wengi huwa wanatoka jasho miguuni socks zinasaidia kunyonya lile jasho na kukufanya uwe fresh siku nzima. Ni item ndogo mnoo lakini inaweza ikakufanya uwe maridadi zaidi au ukaonekana kituko na kusababisha watu wakuangalie bila kukuelewa..

Socks zilizotoboka kama hapo pichani ni distraction ya kutia aibu mno hata kama utavaa suti ya hali ya juu.

Sheria za kuvaa socks...

  • Socks zako ziwe zinafanana kwa rangi na muonekano kwa miguu yote miwili na zisiwe na matundu au madoa yanayoonekana waziwazi. Wengi huwa wanajidanyanya tundu liko chini hakuna atakayeliona believe me some of us tuna eagle eyes.....tunaona.....
  • Rangi ya socks zako zimatch na rangi ya suruali yako for a smarter look.   I’m a bigger fan of a man coordinating his choice of sock with his neckwear and shoes; although more difficult than the aforementioned rule of matching your trousers, the tradition of coordinating your shoes, socks, and neckwear has a 100 year history and can help liven up an otherwise dull shows he has a great attention to detail which is a good trait in a man
argyle socks
  • Vaa Socks zenye urefu wa kutosha ili kuwa smart zaidi
  • There is rule based off the belief that 'A gentleman should not expose his bare leg unintentionally.'

     various sock types

    Socks si kitu kinachotiliwa maanani sana pale tunaponunua nguo, hata hivyo ni muhimu mno kwa mwanaume na muonekano wake kwa ujumla. Ukivaa socks zilizo mbovu mbovu na ukavaa suti yako ya bei mbaya pamoja na kiatu matata unahatarisha muonekano wako.

    Elewa mahitaji yako ya socks je ni za kazini, kimichezo, leaisure wear au mahitaji yoyote yale na zingatia bujeti yako ni bora utumie pesa zaidi kununua kitu kitakachodumu kuliko kilicho cheap cha kudumu wiki au mwezi mmoja.

  • Angalizo
Kuvaa socks nyeupe kwenye suruali smart ya kazini au viatu smart is a big NOOOO........
It's a turn-off to you know.......


Be Up-Front With Her. Tell Her You Have Something On Your Mind, And Ask If She Has Time To Talk In A Private Space. Don't Accuse Her (Such As, "I Know you’re Cheating!"), But Do Express Your Feelings (Like "I Feel Like you’re Losing Interest... In Our Relationship").

Notice Whether Or Not She Gives You An Answer. If She Isn't Cheating, She Has No Reason Not To Be Straightforward And Reassure You That Everything Is Fine. If She Is, She Might Talk In Circles Without Really Saying Anything.

If She Becomes Defensive Or Tries To Turn The Tables On You, This Might Be Her Guilt Talking.

The rest lays in your she worth it .......


I have received requests that i should cover an article about how a man can get a woman of his dreams to love him and here are the tips.....from a woman point of view......

Umekutana na mwanamke umespend time naye na amekuvutia sana na unatamani uwe zaidi na yeye. Unajisikia una amani ukiwa karibu yake na bila kujua unafall in love na yeye, unaanza kumjali ameamkaje, ameshindaje na anaendeleaje na shughuli zake za kila siku. Unaanza jiuliza maswali mengi je yeye anajisikiaje kuhusu wewe, ana mpango gani na wewe, huna uhakika hata kama unafanya yampendezayo. How can you get her to fall in love with you? See you as more than a friend and move you off the friends' zone.......tuungane pamoja kujifunza jinsi ya kumfanya akupende na apagawe na mapenzi yake kwako. Hata kwenye maandiko imeandikwa ' Apataye mke mwema amepata jambo bora na baraka za Mungu'. Je wajua kuna wanawake wasiotakiwa kupita maishani mwako na wakipita kwa namna moja au nyingine ni vilio vya kusaga meno na majuto tu.........utajutaaaaa........

1. Onyesha upeo wa juu wa kukabiliana na maisha/Maturity
Illustration of a fat and unhealthy man Stock Photo - 13516576

Kuna msemo unasema wanawake wanapevuka haraka kabla ya wanaume na malalamiko mengi toka kwa wanawake ni wanaume kuwa na tabia za kitoto ambazo haziendani na umri wao. Hebu mvutie kwa kumhakikishia kuwa wewe ni mtu mzima aliyepevuka anayejua alifanyalo maishani na ana malengo katika sekta mbalimbali za maisha yake. Mwonyeshe jinsi unavyodili na ishu za kifedha au una mipango gani na ajira yako au biashara zako.Onyesha uwezo wako wa kukabiliana na migogoro bila kupendelea upande mmoja au kutaka wewe uwe sawa siku zote na yeye asiwe wa kusema lolote katika maamuzi yako.

PS: Wanawake wanapenda sana pale mwanaume anapoonyesha umakini wa kusikiliza anapoongelea ayapendayo na asiyoyapenda maishani, malengo yake, familia, utoto wake na maeneo mbalimbali yanayomuhusu yeye moja kwa moja au wale wanaomzunguka. Kumuacha ajielezee kwako bila kumhukumu ni njia mojawapo rahisi ya kumfanya akupende na akujali haraka zaidi.

2. Muonyeshe mapenzi ya dhati
one caucasian man kissing hand woman  in studio silhouette isolated on white background Stock Photo - 11752685
Onyesha mahaba na mapenzi ya dhati kwake katika mahusiano yenu, huhitaji kutumia hela kufanya hili zawadi ndogo ndogo, maua au kumfanyia vitu mbalimbali vya kumpendeza na kukuona umuhimu wa uwepo wako kwenye maisha yake. Mfanye ajisikie wa pekee kwenye maisha yako na unamjali na kumpenda kwa dhati ya moyo wako.
 3. Kuwa mwaminifu kwake
getting engaged Stock Photo - 7221807 
Usimpe sababu ya kukufanya awe na wasiwasi juu ya uaminifu wako kwake. Mwonyeshe kuwa ni yeye peke yake unayemjali na kumpenda. Mwache akuone kama kimbilio lake kwako hata usiku wa manane. Wengi huwa wanadai wana mapenzi kwa wenza wao na bado wanakuwa si waaminifu kwao.Usidai tu kuwa unampenda na kumjali matendo yako yawe ni mengi zaidi ya maneno yako katika hilo. Wanawake wanapenda kujisikia wako salama na wewe na wanaweza kukuamini na mioyo yao kuwa hutawatenda, hili linawezekana kama nia ya dhati ikiwekwa epuka kucheza na moyo na hisia za mtu malipo yake ni hapa hapa duniani.
4. Tenga muda wa kukaa naye na kushare mambo mbalimbali ya kimaisha na kimapumziko
romantic couple in the park Stock Photo - 14103697
Mwonyeshe kuwa unafurahia muda unaokaa naye hata kama hamna mpango maalumu wa nini cha kufanya pamoja. Kuwa mbunifu wa sehemu mbalimbali za kuvutia ambazo mnaweza mkatumia muda wenu kuzifahamu pamoja. Tumia muda wako na yeye kiumakini na epuka kuendeleza mawasiliano na marafiki au watu wengine mkiwa pamoja hii si nzuri na pia sehemu kama za baa ukiwa umezungukwa na washikaji wako na unamwambia yeye aje mspend time pamoja sio ideal place ya kuwezesha ukaribu wenu uwe wa karibu zaidi na zaidi. Tenga siku maalumu hata mara moja kwa mwezi ambapo utaspend na yeye tu mkifanya mambo mbalimbali muyapendayo pamoja bila muingiliano na watu wengine.

5. Mpe sifa anazostahili
A mature, Christian couple commited to one another for life. Stock Photo - 7565839
Mpe sifa anazostahili kwa mavazi yake, nywele zake au lolote alifanyalo kwenye muonekano wake. Sifa nzuri ni zile zilizo sincere, zinazotolewa kwa muda muafaka na za kushtukiza au za papo kwa hapo. Ingawa wanawake wanapenda kuambiwa she looks good usipitilize kwa sifa zile zile kila siku sababu atazizoea na ataona sawa tu na ataanza kuzitegemea toka kwako kuwa kila ukimuona wamsifia. Mwambie unapenda mazungumzo yake, jinsi anavyowakilisha mada mbalimbali, anavyoshare na wewe malengo yake, muelekeo wake wa kimaisha, kibiashara au kikazi halafu angalia tabasamu pevu atakalokupa kusikia hilo.
6. Mfurahishe na mpe raha maishani
A young man and woman couple having romantic fun in the sea on a warm sunny beach  Stock Photo - 6180861
Mfanye asijute kuwa na wewe na kuspend time na wewe mpe sababu ya kupenda kuendelea kuwa na wewe ili umfurahishe. Furahia jokes zake na yeye afurahie za kwako. Kuwa creative na maongezi yako angalia je anapendezwa na usemacho kama unahisi sio uwe mwepesi kubadili mwelekeo wa maongezi yenu. Egemeza mkono wako kwake na angalia reaction yake je yeye yuko free kukugusa pia hata kwenye mkono? Usiweke boundaries huyu ni mwanamke uliyevutiwa naye na unataka kumjua zaidi na zaidi kama sio kushare naye maisha yako mpaka kifo kiwatenganishe. Usimlazimishe kufanya asilolitaka au umfanye awe kwenye uncomfortable situation. Mwache aone upendo wako kwake lakini awe muamuzi wa mwisho anataka mfanye nini pamoja. Heshimu mipaka yake anayoiweka na mheshimu yeye na mwili wake na atakushukuru kwa hilo. Women love it when they can see how much they turn you on and yet find you willing to take it slow for their sake.
7. Mpe nafasi / Give her space
Two faces close up. Black man and white woman. Stock Photo - 3903633

Usimfanye ajielezee kwa kina kila mara yuko wapi, anafanya nini na nani mwache aone kuwa unaweza kumuamini na unaamini kuwa hakuna baya alifanyalo. Usitegemee pia yeye ataspend muda wake wote na wewe mwache awe na maisha yake pia, aspend na rafiki zake na programs zake. Alikuwa na marafiki kabla yako so mwache awe huru kuendelea na maisha yake na mara moja moja kuwa nao bila kujisikia guilty of being accused.Hupendi kuzunguka kwenye shopping malls mwache aende na rafiki zake aenjoy girl talks na mwambie wapi atakukuta ukimsubiri yeye waridi la moyo wako.  Let her be her own person there is nothing cute about a possessive over-jealous man who wants to know your every move every waking moment of your time!

8. Mwambie anamaanisha nini maishani mwako
Young ethnic couple on kitchen sorting groceries Stock Photo - 9191623
Wanawake wanapenda kusikia wakiambiwa maneno matamu ya kimahaba licha ya kumwonyesha unavyompenda na kumjali hebu mkumbushe kwa maneno yako kuwa anamaanisha nini kwako na jinsi unavyompenda don't take it for granted that she should know unampenda so there is no need hapo ndio wengi wanapokosea. Akisema ni mapema mno kuongelea feelings heshimu msimamo wake na onyesha kwa matendo zaidi kuwa unamaanisha usemalo lazima ataelewa.
Now you know gents......from a woman point of view.......


Charley Pride Lyrics.......I don't think she is in love anymore.....

Well, I came in late again last night
Really, it was this morning
I had my alibi down pat
I was gonna be charming

But the locks were all changed
I was stuck outside
With a key that no longer fit
There was a note on the door
That said, adios, sayonara
Goodbye, this is it

I don't think she's in love anymore
She's hanging up her telephone
And locking her door
I don't think she wants to
Hear anymore of my lying

I don't think she's in love anymore
She's not buying my lies like before
The only thing she wants
Out of me now is goodbye

So I went down to a phone booth
Almost down to crying
All ready to spill the truth
I see she's tired of my lying
[ Lyrics from: ]
Well, I was all ready to beg and plead
And to turn over a brand new leaf
But the second she heard
It was me on the line
I heard click, she hung up on me

I don't think she's in love anymore
She's hanging up her telephone
And locking her door
I don't think she wants to
Hear anymore of my lying

I don't think she's in love anymore
She's not buying my lies like before
The only thing she wants
Out of me now is goodbye

I don't think she's in love anymore
She's hanging up her telephone
And locking the door
I don't think she wants to
Hear anymore of my
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah

I don't think she's in love anymore
She's not buying my lies like before
The only thing she wants
Out of me now is goodbye
Let me know how you will feel and if she means a world to you......


It's not a good look, please keep the shirts for evening/night outings......

A shiny shirt in some crazy bright colours like orange or bright a BIG NO.......especially to work, its not a professional image/look


We love you guys when you show us your muscles in a polo shirt.....nothing beats a man who has nice toned body in a great polo shirt (it sounds so yummy.....from a woman point of view :) )

Polo shirts are a classic addition to any wardrobe. They are great for dressing up or down

You can try out with colours of your choice.....

Choose your polo shirt depending on the weather, the use of the shirt and the level of care that you wish to put into it. No matter which style you choose, you know that you can depend on the classic look of the polo shirt to make you look good no matter if you are at home, playing sports or at work.

Looking after your polo shirt.....

  • Hang your polo shirts on wooden or plastic hangers or fold them to store them. Do not use wire hangers, as they may leave dents in the shoulders that can be difficult to get out. Always button the top button and straighten the collar when hanging shirts.
  • To fold a polo shirt to avoid wrinkles, button the top button and fold the collar as you would for hanging it. Lay the shirt front-down on a table or bed, and fold the sleeves in, overlapping a bit. Fold the bottom of the shirt up and then fold the top of the shirt and collar over the bottom

I think every man should invest in a nice looking polo shirt for that dress down or dress up occasion and have fun......

Red stripe double collar shirt

White double collar contrast shirt

Red Stripe chelsea shirt

You can wear them with a fancy watch, nice blazer, smart trousers and tone it down with nice loafers for that nice trendy inspired......

Umeyapenda hayo mashati.....tuwasiliane.......


Wewe Mwanaume Unayesoma Hapa, Jiulize; Huwa Unadumu Na Mwenzi Wako? Unaachwa Au Kukimbiwa Baada Ya Muda Mfupi? Kama Jibu Ni Ndiyo, Hapa Utapata Tiba. Sikia Nikuambie, Wapo Wengi Ambao Kila Wakianzisha Uhusiano, Siku Mbili Tatu, Mwanamke Anamkimbia.

Anampenda Sana, Anamfanyia Kila Kitu Ambacho Yeye Anaamini Kinakidhi Kwa Mwanamke Wake, Lakini Baada Ya ...Muda Mfupi Sana, Anaachwa! Anabaki Kujiuliza Maswali Yasiyo Na Majibu. Rafiki Yangu, Lazima Ujue Kwamba Pamoja Na Kuwa Mapenzi Hayana Kanuni Za Moja Kwa Moja, Zipo Ndogo Ndogo Ambazo Zikifuatwa, Mateso Kwako Yatakuwa Ni Kitendawili.

Huwezi Kukimbiwa Na Wanawake Bila Sababu Za Msingi, Lazima Kuna Kitu Kinachosababisha Uachwe. Hapo Sasa Hakuna Sababu Moja, Wewe Ukiachwa Kwa Sababu Hii, Mwingine Atakimbiwa Kwa Sababu Ile. Katika Darasa Hili, Ukijifunza Kwa Umakini Utaweza Kujua Kasoro Yako Ilipokuwa Na Kufanya Mabadiliko Ili ‘Usiachike’ Tena!

Wanaume Huwa Wanawalaumu Zaidi Wanawake Kutokana Na Sababu Za Hapa Na Pale Zinazosababisha Kuachana Kwao. Lakini Wengine Hutoswa Bila Kuelezwa Sababu Za Msingi, Akibaki Na Maswali Mengi Lakini Mwisho Hupata Msichana Mwingine Kabla Ya Kuachana Naye Tena Bila Kujua Sababu Halisi.Wakati Mwingine Sababu Zenyewe Huwa Za Maana Lakini Zingine Mh! Ni Aibu Kuzitaja Hadharani. Hata Hivyo, Kuna Wengine Huamua Kuachana Na Wapenzi Wao Kwa Makosa Ambayo Wao Hudhani Ni Makosa Kumbe Wao Ndiyo Wanaokosea! Hebu Tuone…


JE UKOJE?Kama Una Tatizo La Kuachana Na Wapenzi Kila Wakati, Kipegele Hiki Kinakuhusu! Anza Kuangalia Tabia Zako Upya. Unaishije Na Mpenzi Wako, Jirani Zako Na Watu Wanaokuzunguka? Unatumiaje Ulimi Wako? Wasichana Wengi Wanapenda Wanaume Wachangamfu Na Wacheshi Wakiamini Kwa Namna Moja Ama Nyingine, Ni Burudani Kwao Lakini Huwa Hawapendi Kabisa Uwachangamkie Wengine Kupita Kiasi.Wanaume Wengi Hupingana Na Hili Lakini Utafiti Unaonyesha Kwamba, Asilimia 70 Ya Wanaume Wanaowachangamkia Sana Wanawake, Mwisho Wake Hufanya Nao Mapenzi Kama Siyo Kuingia Katika Uhusiano Moja Kwa Moja. Usibishe, Tafiti Uone!Kama Una Tabia Hii, Hata Kama Unaamini Kwamba Uchangamfu Wako Siyo Wa Nia Mbaya Kwa Wanawake, Achana Nao Maana Unamkwaza Mpenzi Wako Bila Kujua. Wakati Mwingine Anaweza Kuonyesha Wivu Lakini Mwingine Hawezi Kusema, Hivyo Hubaki Akiumia Moyoni Mwake Lakini Akichoka Huamua Kuachana Na Wewe Hata Kama Anakupenda Akihofia Kuwa Katika Penzi La Kuchangia. Angalia Vizuri Tabia Zako Katika Kipengele Hiki.


Hapa Jamani Inabidi Tuambiane Ukweli, Tena Bila Kufichana! Kuna Baadhi Ya Wanaume Ni Wabahili Sana, Yaani Kutoa Fedha Kwa Wapenzi Wao Wanaona Shida Sana. Visingizio Vya Kwamba Wao Siyo Mabuzi Ndiyo Vimewajaa Akilini Mwao.Utawasikia Wakisema; “Mimi Siyo Buzi Bwana, Demu Wangu Halafu Nimlipie? Haiwezekani!” Achana Na Hizo Fikra Ndugu Yangu. Unatakiwa Utoe Matunzo Kwa Mpenzi Wako. Siyo Lazima Mpaka Akuambie! Ni Jukumu Lako Kufahamu Aina Za Vipodozi Anavyotumia.Mnunulie Bila Kukuambia, Mpelekee, Kuwa Mbunifu, Ukiona Nywele Zake Zinaanza Kufumuka, Mpe Fedha Ya Saluni, Tena Ikiwezekana Mchagulie Mtindo Uupendao. Leo Asuke Rasta Za Kimasai, Baada Ya Wiki Kadhaa Unambadilishia Mtindo Mwingine.Jiulize Kama Wewe Ndiye Mpenzi Wake Halafu Unakataa Kumpa Matunzo, Unataka Nani Amhudumie? Hivi Ulivyokutana Naye Akiwa Mzuri, Anapendeza Unadhani Ni Nani Aliyekuwa Anamhudumia?Nakuhakikishia Ndugu Yangu, Kama Huna Utamaduni Wa Kutoa Matunzo Kwa Mpenzi Wako Tarajia Kukimbiwa! Kwa Maneno Mengine Ni Kwamba, Kama Hutoi Matunzo Kwa Mpenzi Wako Ni Kama Umemruhusu Awe Katika Uhusiano Na Mwanaume Mwingine Ambaye Atatoa Matunzo.Ni Wajibu Wako Kumnunulia Mavazi, Manukato Na Hata Fedha Za Matumizi Yake Binafsi. Tatizo Hili Huwakumba Hata Wanandoa, Hawataki Kuwahudumia Wake Zao, Wakidai Kwamba Wameshaoa! Usimpompendezesha Atapendeza? Na Asipovutia Unadhani Nini Kitafuata Kama Siyo Kutafuta Mwanaume Mwingine Nje? Upo Tayari Kusalitiwa?

Inawezekana Unashangaa Kwa Nini Wanawake Wanakukimbia Kila Siku, Kumbe Kuna Sehemu Fulani Huwa Unakosea Bila Kujua. Hapa Ndipo Kwenye Dawa. Ndiyo Sehemu Pekee Utakayoujua Ukweli Na Kuchukua Hatua.

Katika Sehemu Ya Kwanza, Wiki Iliyopita Nilianza Kwa Kuelezea Tabia Mbili; Moja Ikiwa Kujiangalia Upya Tabia Zako Na Pili Ni Kumpa Matunzo Mwenzi Wako.

Lazima Wanaume Mfahamu Kwamba Hata Gari Linapoharibika Huhitajika Kupelekwa Gereji Kwa Kufanyiwa Ukarabati. Vivyo Hivyo Hata Mwanamke Anahitajika Kupewa Matunzo Ili Aendelee Kuwa Bora Na Anayekuvutia.

Ukweli Ni Kwamba, Wanaume Wengi Hukwepa Kutoa Matunzo Ya Karibu Kwa Wapenzi Wao Wakidai Wanachunwa! Nani Amekudanganya Ndugu Yangu? Kumtunza Mpenzi Wako Siyo Kuchunwa!

Mpendezeshe Apendeze, Usipofanya Hivyo Wewe Unataka Nani Akutunzie? Kama Una Tabia Hii Badilika Haraka, Maana Wanawake Wa Sasa Wapo Makini Kuangalia Wanaume Ambao Wanatambua Wajibu Wao.

Kuna Mwingine Huwa Hatoi Fedha Mpaka Siku Atakayolala Na Mpenzi Wake, Hiyo Ni Mbaya Zaidi Maana Hisia Za Kwamba Umemnunua Huanzia Hapo.

Najaribu Kuwaweka Sawa Na Kuwakumbusha Kwamba Mwanamke Anahitaji Matunzo Na Kama Ukishindwa Kumtunza Utakuwa Unampa Mwanya Wa Kutafuta Mwanaume Mwingine. Hapo Ndiyo Mwanzo Wa Usaliti.

Watu Wanatambua Kwamba Mwanaume Ndiye Kichwa Cha Nyumba, Lakini Hilo Lisiwe Kigezo Cha Wewe Kuwa Mkorofi Na Mjeuri Hata Kwa Mambo Mengine Yasiyo Ya Msingi.
Mwanamke Anahitaji Mwanaume Mwenye Msimamo, Asiyeyumbishwa, Lakini Pia Anatamani Sana Kusikilizwa Mawazo Yake. Mwanamke Anahitaji Kuliwazwa Na Mpenzi Wake.
Ukali Kupindukia Hupunguza Mapenzi Na Hujenga Woga Na Hofu. Wakati Mwingine Hushindwa Kukushirikisha Katika Mawazo Yake Mazuri Ambayo Yangeweza Kujenga Kwa Kuhofia Ukali Wako.
Ni Vizuri Kuwa Makini Katika Hili, Huna Sababu Ya Kuwa Mkali Kwa Mpenzi Wako. Mwanamke Ni Mtu Wa Kuelewa, Kama Kuna Mahali Amekosea, Zungumza Naye Taratibu Huku Upendo Wa Kweli, Utii Na Utu Ukionekana Usoni Mwako Na Hata Kinywani Mwako.
Kuna Baadhi Ya Wanaume Wana Tabia Ya Umapepe, Nikisema Hivyo Naamini Naeleweka. Hili Ni Tatizo Lingine Wasilopenda Wanawake. Siyo Wanawake Pekee Bali Hakuna Mtu Atakayejisikia Vizuri Mpenzi Wake Kuwa Na Tabia Ya Umalaya. Kila Mmoja Anapenda Kuwa Na Penzi La Peke Yake Na Siyo La Kuchangia!
Ikiwa Una Tabia Za Kupenda Kubadilisha Wanawake Kila Wakati, Tarajia Kuachana Nao Kila Siku. Lazima Mwanaume Uwe Na Staha, Mapenzi Ya Kweli Na Mtulivu Kwa Mwenzio.
Naomba Nieleweke Kitu Kimoja Hapa, Wakati Mwingine Hata Tabia Zako Za Ajabu Ajabu, Zinamkosesha Raha Mpenzi Wako Na Fikra Za Kuachana Na Wewe Zikizidi Kuusumbua Ubongo Wake.
Epuka Tabia Ya Kusifia Wanawake Wengine Vijiweni Au Ukiwa Na Mpenzi Wako Katika Matembezi. Unapaswa Kujiheshimu. Heshima Unayoionesha Kwa Mpenzi Wako Ni Kithibitisho Tosha Kwamba Unampenda Na Kuheshimu Uwepo Wake.
Mwanamke Mwenye Mapenzi Ya Kweli Kwako, Lazima Atatamani Kujua Mambo Mengi Kuhusu Wewe, Lakini Kubwa Zaidi Ni Uwazi Kuhusu Maisha Yake Pamoja Na Kutoa Ushauri Kwako Pale Utakapohitajika.
Anapenda Kuona Ukimpa Nafasi Ya Kwanza Katika Maisha Yako, Uwe Wazi Kwa Kila Kitu Kinachoendelea Katika Maisha Yako. Nafasi Ya Kwanza Ninayoizungumzia Hapa Ni Pamoja Na Kuwa Naye Karibu Na Kumpa Taarifa Za Mipango Yako Ijayo, Lakini Katika Hilo, Pia, Mwanamke Anapenda Kuona Unaitambua Thamani Yake Na Kuyashika Maisha Yake Ipasavyo.
Mwanamke Akiona Hapewi Kipaumbele Na Mpenzi Wake, Hupoteza Imani Ya Kuwa Na Mwanaume Huyo. Kama Una Tabia Hizi, Ndugu Yangu Achana Nazo, Vinginevyo Kila Siku Utaishia Kubadilisha Wanawake Kama Nguo.


  • Masculinity
There is more to a man than his six pack..... It's also in the manner that he moves and talks that keeps women's eyes pinned to  him. Being masculine does not merely suggest flaunting a large build or a protective quality or big muscles with the right curves at the right angles but having this natural instinctive masculine self to trigger women's instinctive feelings of attraction.

Women, care, access to resources and protection for her and her offspring....that is our natural need from a man.

  • Smile

A natural sweet smile is one of the greatest attraction of a man. It establishes a charisma presence. It also breaks a woman's resistance and communicates hidden messages without any verbal language. This is why a man who is generous with his smile is guaranteed to maintain a women-magnet profile! as they will be attracted to him naturally.

  • Eye Contact

A man who knows how to have eye contact is a man who knows how to communicate. Women just like men are absolute attention seekers. They want men to listen and to take charge of the things they say. Thereupon, they demand affirmation. Eye contact is a way of making a confirmation that he cares-enough-to communicate (women's perspective of being listened to!). He should not patronize women and is not so full of himself (I can't stand these creatures who are so ful of themselves!). It is believed that if a man is able to stimulate a woman's brain juices in a conversation, it is likely that he can stimulate her other juices as well. It makes a woman feel sufficiently attended to and cared for. Eye contact makes women feel so extremely special that they tend to sometimes melt right on the spot.
  • Confidence

Confidence makes a man. There's just something about the appeal of wealth and power that women can't resist....a man whoi tells you worry not it is gonna be alright even if he has no clue of what he will do to fix it.  Men can actually take on that aura of authority just by moving through life with an air of self-assurance and a boost of self-esteem.

  • Sense of Style

Some men just don't seem the type to go with the fashion trend. But it does not mean that they are not to try with fashion. Some just have their own personal preferences and resist the change of it. Actually, it's not the clothes that make a man sexy. It's how he carries himself with confidence and ease that does. Clothes don't entice women, it's the man that makes those clothes look good in him that wiles them.

  • Sensitivity

Sensitivity is sexy but too much sensitivity is feminity. So where do we draw the line? When we talk about sensitivity on the right scale, it means having a sense of empathy, confidentiality and trust rolled into one. When a woman confides something, a man's initial reaction is to help her find a solution or fix it himself. This is not sensitivity. When a woman expresses her feelings, she just needs an ear to insorb the steam out of her being.

  • Sense of Humour

A man equipped with a good sense of humor automatically wins his points on the sexy scale with women. The way he uses his expression and wits combined, he becomes an addiction that women just can't get enough of. Women think that if he can evoke them with laughter in public, chances are he can also make them giggle 'somewhere special'.

Brothers......What makes a man sexy is but everything about him and even more. Whether it be on the surface or skin deep, it's just a matter of projection. Every man is sexy in their own ways. They just have to feel that in themselves so the seething sexiness comes out of them naturally.


  • Show commitment
Displaying your commitment is a powerful attracting force with women.
Top signals that women use to gauge a man's commitment are:

  • Showing concerns for her problems
  • Consistent caring and involvement

  • Show self-confidence
A man should set goals, have a variety of interests, get into shape physically and show he is ambitious.

  • Show Kindness
Men who act compassionately towards a woman, show sensitivity to her needs and do helpful things for her needs and do helpful things for her to indicate that he will be there for her in the long term  and will direct resources to her.

Other than fidelity, top 5 qualities that women find attractive in a man:

  • Showing empathy and understanding
  • Listening
  • Displaying good manners
  • Caring
  • Offering help

  • Show off physical abilities
The fitter you are, the more your self esteem and confidence will rise and the more high-quality mates you will attract.

  • Demonstrate caring
To her emotions, well being and everything around her

  • Show honesty
Tell her the truth and nothing but the truth and if necessary don't exaggerate your resources or status to impress a potential long-term partner.

  • Displays of love
Any action that demonstrates love is seen as a sign of commitment. This include buying a special gift for her, showing loving behaviour -especially infront of others and remembering special events in her life i.e. birthdays, anniversaries etc. The effort he takes is more important than what he can buy.

Goodluck making the women in your lives the happiest and lucky ones on earth......



What if a woman
Had a man on the side
And she never spent time with you
What if a woman
Said she's working late
And it's always the same excuse
What if a woman
Took the keys to your whip
Said I'll be right back
Don't trip
What if a woman
Left you home with the kids
Changing diapers and shit
What a twist

Could you stand inside her shoes and walk a mile
(I don't really think so)
Could you hold her down when she doesn't smile
(I don't know a man who could)
What if a woman [x 3]
-Was just like you
What if a woman [x 3]
-Was just like you(try to imagine that) What if a woman [x 3]
-Was just like us What if a woman [x 3]
Could you ever wonder if she does

What if a woman
Started wearing the pants
Would you feel less of a man and more
Never wanna settle down
Always wanna run around
On the low
You can beg
You can plead
You can cry
She won't be your wife- but your eyes are full of tears
She'll be running the streets
With girls hanging out tonight
It's the same thing you do to her

Could you stand inside her shoes and walk a mile
(See I don't really think so)
Could you hold her down when she doesn't smile
(I don't know a man who could)
What if a woman [x 3]
-Was just like you
What if a woman [x 3]
-Was just like you (try to imagine that)
What if a woman [x 3]
-Was just like us
Could you ever wonder if she does
If the table were turned around
Would you leave
Would you stay
Would you drown
If the cards you were dealt were to change
Would you let your hand go up in flames

How will it feel when the tables are turned and she does what most men do........



Commitment to a Woman

When a man wants to capture a woman's heart for the long term, he does it with a ring. And the bigger or eye catching it is, the more it signals to her.You can skimp on many things in life but never never skimp on any important item of jewellery you give to a woman ...............marking your commitment to her...............a woman will look at her rings every now and then and they remind her of a man's commitment to her.

What Women Want

Women believe that if a man really loves a woman, he should show it everyday with his words and actions. Women want daily demonstration of love. This is a very difficult concept for a man to grasp because he shows the expression of his love by 'doing things' for her. He'll fix her car, take her to the movies, go to work and spend for her. The man's brain is organized to measure his self worth and contribution by what he does or achieves, not by what he says or feels.

A woman wants to be assured everyday that she is loved and adored, she needs his words and intimacy as proof. Remembering important dates like birthdays and anniversaries also rate highly on a woman's measurement of a man's love.

Top 5 things that women say they want from men:
  • Love
  • Faithfulness
  • Kindness
  • Commitment
  • Education/Intelligence/Hardworking nature

Now you know brothers..........go and do her right......


A good suit should last you a long time if you take care of it properly.  To most men, it is one of the most expensive things in your wardrobe, so you should do what you can to preserve its longevity and make sure it always look sharp, clean and presentable.....

Here are the tips.......

  • Stuffing your pockets with keys, loose change and other assorted items will put strain on the seams, so just don't do it.

  • You should unbutton your suit jacket before you sit down otherwise you will be pulling on it. Also, as you are sitting down, pull your pants up at the thigh just a little so you don’t stretch the fabric too much and cause damage. Both of these things will also make you more comfortable and your suit will last long.

  •  Clothes brush is a great thing--brush your suit with one when you take it off to keep it clean and looking good. This is something my father used to do and I remember watching him do it, and now I know keeps the suit in shape and get rid of sticky things.Just make sure the bristles of the brush are gentle and soft.

  • Hang your suit on a good wooden hanger that is made for suits and store it in a breathable garment bag for protection. And avoid cramming it in between lots of other clothes, which will cause it to wrinkle.

  • Dry clean your suit only when necessary but at least once every few months.....not every time you wear it as this damages the fabrics. In between cleanings, have it pressed or steamed and spot clean when required and necessary.

The modern suit has become an essential item of investment to many men.  A suit that’s been properly cared for can live for generations, making proper care both stylish and economical.

One final tip......

  • It’s a good idea to hang your suit hanger outside your closet when you wear your suit; that way when you remove the suit after coming home, you will be reminded to properly put it back. Before putting your suit away on its hanger, leave it out for a few minutes. This will allow any moisture that has collected in the fabric to evaporate, resulting in longevity of the fabric and shape.
Go on men and take a good care of your investment.....your suit......

This is for you brothers......and its all true.....if you mess up be ready to 'fess up......

When do you feel like she is the 'one'.......lets discuss.....

Is the woman in your life ........
  • Making your life worth it?
  • Does she complement you?
  • Is she your better half?
  • Do you call yourself lucky to have her?
Women love to hear that is their nature to hear and she will love you more.........


There are multiple ways to wear your jeans but your dark denim paired with the below will make you look more hunkier and smart

Try your dark jeans with.........


How To Wear Jeans

  • With A Bright Polo

How To Wear Jeans

  • With a Vest

How To Wear Jeans

  • Your socks

How To Wear Jeans

Please note, no white socks its a major turn off........and we want our men to be stylish every now and then........

Men’s Fashion Basics – Part 1 – Good Fit


With men’s fashion beginning to become just as important, relevant and lucrative as women’s fashion  it’s easy for a lot of men to get left behind or simply just not know where to start. It’s also easy to want to stick with what you know or simply buy whatever is on trend right now and hope for the best. However that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right way to go about things. More often than not, men keep bad habits they have picked up and continue to apply them to every new purchase they make… if you need to know on where to start when it comes to the world of men’s fashion and how to build a diverse wardrobe for any occasion without making the mistakes that so many of men often do......please stick around.......

It’s All About The Fit
But before we start talking about clothes most guys either do really well or really badly; the way clothes fit them. Whether it’s your suit, your t-shirts, your shirts or even your jeans, the way they fit on you is the difference between looking like you stole your clothes from the shop or looking like you actually know what you’re doing.

But how can you tell if your clothes don’t fit you right?

From my experience working with one of the leading store in men's clothing and advising customers on their clothing choices, here are a few quick pointers on what to look for in some of your clothes: –

  • Shirts – stretch marks around the buttons or the chest, billowing of fabrics around your sides and waist (it should be a straight line from your armpit downwards anything else it is not your fit), cuffs should end at the dip in your wrist where your thumb begins and not too high or too low that you have to adjust your shirt every now and then.

  • Jeans (Waist Size) - Jeans are really hard to find the perfect fit. It is all about body type and your personal preference. Some people like a really skinny fit because it is part of their “look” whilst other’s like the comfort fit look. However your waist should always fit, meaning that the jeans should sit around your waist perfectly with just a little give (to pull them on or off easily), and you should only need a few notches tightening on your belt. You can oversize jeans in order to give you that looser effect, but it should never be up more than one waist size as you will cause an effect where you have to tie your belt so tight that it clumps the top of your jeans together and causes the material to fold and just look untidy. If in doubt as a beginner then I would recommend a straight leg or slim fit pair of jeans as they are very versatile and can be worn with multiple footwear.

  • Jeans (leg length) – The other key tip to finding a perfect pair of jeans is leg length. Most designer’s will do 3 leg lengths – short, regular and long – dependant on your height and you need to get this right. Your jeans hem should always sit on top of your trainers or shoes with a slight break at the bottom. The easiest way to measure is try it without footwear on and have the jeans reach just above your heel. Then when you put your footwear on there will be a slight break of the fabric that is long enough to cover all of your socks (no Michael Jackson look here) without having clumping excess material all bunched up at the bottom – again this looks untidy and messy.

  • T-shirts -The fit should not be if you raise your arms above your head or outwards style there’s more than half an inch of your stomach peeping out. Or the material starts bunching and creasing in awkward places i.e. other than where your joints are.
Good Fit Examples......

This should show you how standard clothes should fit. They all follow the lines of the body whilst not being “too” tight, they are fitted and look tailored to each person’s body. Let your clothes do the work for you....not otherwise....

Bad Fit Examples......


This really does show some extreme examples of how clothes should not fit. Whether it is a shirt with too much excess fabric, a jacket that looks like a big square or trousers/jeans that have way too much length.

To avoid this fashion blunder then please follow the advice above.......


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