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Friday, 17 February 2012

The way you got them, is the way you lose them......

How you start your relationship REALLY matters:

In the beginning all they say it is music to your ears, when you see them your eyes literally poke out, you can smell them from miles away, you can hear their voice from across the room and everything you see it is through rose-coloured glasses and no wonder it is all rosey.......

Then you go through a lot of challenging moments with them, there comes a time that you cannot literally put yourself to spend a few minutes with them be it when you guys are commuting from place A to B...........and you do all that you can to be as far away from them as possible and before you know it - you are drifting apart and major strains are starting in your precious relationship.

And you start asking yourself what went wrong?

You might as well ask a few more questions:

  • Did you step on somebody's relationship to be with them i.e did they have to cheat with you to be with you!

  • Are you trying to change them to be a person who they are not?
  • What brought you together?
  • What has been keeping you together all this while?
  • Did you had the same visions and goals in your relationship?

Whatever the reason, just know: If they cheat with you, they might cheat on you......karma has a way of coming back to haunt you when things are supposed to be sailing so smoothly.

All the best and goodluck......the way you got them, is the way you will lose could be true or not!


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